A Good Start by mary elizabeth

I’ve been getting up pretty early these days, which is a whole new thing for me and I must confess to doing my share of sleeping in at least one weekend morning but – back to the point.  I’m finding that if I get up early enough, I don’t feel rushed in those first waking moments and I can actually get outside and take a look at the world and try and make a spiritual connection with the universe.  I find if I can actually beat my life out the door, I can really make myself open to what each day has to offer.  And then, for like eight to ten minutes, I’m calm and connected.  It really feels good.  I’d like to say that this state of serenity lasts throughout my day, making me an absolute treasure to be around, but that would be a stretch.  However, it does get the day off to a beautiful start and that’s better than my usual rushy ways.  Between that and working out a few mornings a week, I’m really front loading my days in the balance department.  I hope I can stick with it.

The holidays are often a time to loose track of one’s daily routines.  The health of mind, body and spirit can get lost between all the events and family members and food.  I’m going to try to keep it together this year and hang on to what’s most important to me.  It’s beginning this weekend with a trip to my mother’s.  We’ll see how I do.  Anyhow, I hope we can all remember what’s most important this holiday season.  Maybe when you get a little overwhelmed, you could come into Living Light for a refreshing juice or smoothie.  A wheat grass shot is often just the right thing on a busy day.  Don’t forget that refreshing your body often helps to refresh your mind, too.  As far as your spirit, just keep the connection.  Love with your heart and not your wallet.  And be compassionate with yourself when those cookie trays start showing up!

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