Pumpkin Flavored Temptation by mary elizabeth

So – I always say that “the holidays” start at Halloween and go to Valentines Day.  At least as far as tempting foods are concerned.  But that was a bit off. The tempting foods are already here and I am not doing all that well at resisting.  First of all, everything – EVERYTHING – is pumpkin pie flavored right now and I absolutely love pumpkin pie.  And I don’t just mean out in the cold cruel world of cooked things.  We have a version of pumpkin pie right here at Living Light which is beautiful and the crust is one of my top ten favorite things to eat of all time.  So - there’s really no escape.  I’m not one to deny myself a whole lot.  I’m good at cleanses and things like that where I have to be accountable.  But normally – if I want a piece of pumpkin pie, I’m going to eat one.  I just have to be careful to pace myself and readjust to this new holiday frenzy of tempting treats.  Seriously - there’s temptation around every corner and there will be for months!

Our Living Light students are learning to make lots of healthy, happy choices right now.  They are half way through their Associate Chef and Instructor training.  Some really beautiful pictures are coming out of the culinary studio.  Many of these students will be leaving us after next week, but some of them will be with us until Thanksgiving and beyond, learning all about how to create and serve their own fabulous dishes.  I think this is a great time of year to come and study here because it gives you all kinds of support and fresh ideas and tools to get through the tempting months ahead.  How do you get through these holiday months happy but healthy?

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  1. Dawn

    Aloha - I am looking forward to starting at Living Light in the spring! Can you help me with the recipe for the amazing Pumpkin Flavored Temptation? I was going to make the Pumpkin Praline Pie however I would much prefer an avocado version! I would greatly appreciate the help :)


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