Spice of Life by kristin

What is the spice of life? Take a little sunshine, add a sprinkle of rain, a big dollop of friendship, a generous amount of love and season with agreeable work. Leaven with time to play, a dash of travel and a modicum of excitement and you're on your way! Sounds kind of corny, but there it is. The simple things in life are often most enjoyable. Horizon's UnlimitedWhat's on your horizon these days? If you're feeling like you need something new and exciting now is the time to plan your next move.  Sometimes it's hard to imagine what you'd really like to do. Or you have a longing to do something specific, but don't think it's possible. How do you get there from here? No one can see the future, but often dreaming big is what's needed. Imagine what you really want to do, and allow the possibility that it can happen! When people first call our office at Living Light, some might think that coming here is an impossible dream. Maybe they are concerned about finances, or family matters, or personal health. As we work with them and support them, they often discover that anything is possible. It's inspiring to hear the stories. When our prospective students put their minds to it, it's quite amazing what they are able to manifest. coco chanel

What they thought was a wall becomes a door to a future they were afraid to imagine. What joy when that breakthrough takes place! If you want to attend Living Light and become a raw food chef, we'd love to help you keep moving in the right direction! Our 2013 Calendar is ready - keep movingCall our enrollment department at 707-964-2420. Mary Elizabeth, Amanda and Cheryl are ready to advise you on YOUR next steps.

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