Summer's End by kristin

dog days of summerSummer is winding down, and although we haven't suffered a heatwave here on the Mendocino coast, I have to admit I'm glad. All of the grass has turned brown and the flowers are looking a little sleepy and overstressed. The main reason I'm glad though, is because I am crazy about fall. Maybe because I always loved school and the excitement of learning new things, which is why it is inspirational to work at a school. Our students prepared a delightful Mediterranean meal Mediterranean Mealyesterday, and nearly 50 of us enjoyed it complete with white tablecloths and flowers. It's really lovely to be with the students. When I first came to Living Light I was a teacher, but since then my job in marketing has grown and I now spend all of my time in the office. So it's an extra special treat not only to taste their food but to see their happy faces - they are proud of their creations! If you're thinking about going back to school, and you'd like to study gourmet raw vegan foods with a group of inspiring people who gather here from around the globe, woman with globethis fall we have a great line up of courses including Associate Chef and Instructor training, Gourmet Raw Food Chef training, the complete Science of Raw Food Nutrition Series and Pastry Arts I and II ( II is offered just once a year). Back to school for a new future!

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