Make it Happen by kristin

Haven't been able to get a blog in lately, so today's the day. Had fun seeing a friend who used to work at Living Light - Kari Bernardi Kari Bernardiwas up for a visit from her hometown, sunny Carmel by the Sea. With a great tan, big blue eyes and a huge smile for everybody - she got a warm welcome from all who knew her as a teacher here. She's doing lots of work with the farmer's market and sustainability projects in Carmel-true to form! And Meagan Ricks, our former pastry chef has been in town lately, too. One thing about Living Light is that the family just keeps growing - and we're always happy to see people when they come back "home" for a visit! Same with our students. Some come for a weekend, a week, three weeks or three months, and they nearly always come back to learn more, to be with incredible teachers and fellow students, and to learn how to create the lives they want to live. Dreams are made of thisWe're definitely the "stuff that dreams are made of." Why not make your dreams real? We have several upcoming certification programs this fall, including the complete gourmet chef series, our pastry arts certification program and the complete science of raw food nutrition certification series. No matter what your interest, we'll help you get your feet firmly on the path of your choice. Come to Living Light and "make it happen!"make it happen

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