Home Sweet Home by mary elizabeth

I'm back in Fort Bragg.  I'm back in the fog by the Pacific Ocean.  I'm back home.  I had a wonderful month off, but it sure feels good to be home.  I'm so looking forward to meeting the students at Living Light and seeing all my beloved co-workers again.  A friend asked me if I was even going to remember how to do my job.  I told her I hoped not so it would be a fresh, new experience.  But - I do remember and am looking forward to getting back to it.  And I'm looking forward to a green juice!  Oh my stars - I have missed it.  Anyhow - I'm ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning all rested and ready to go.

Just to recap the last leg of my trip, my daughter and I visited my aunt Hannah in Wisconsin.  We had an absolutely lovely time - even though I'd never met my aunt in person, being at her house felt so comfortable.  It felt like home.  Well - a home.  A hot, humid home.  Anyhow - the visit was delightful and she and uncle Joe live right on the Flambeau River and we got to go out on Joe's boat. It was such a nice time.  Then - I don't know what happened, but we were just pretty much ready to go home.  Not only were we almost broke, we were just over it.  So - we just drove, slept a little bit, and drove, slept a little bit more and drove home.  And here we are.  Back to the foggy, familiar old grind.  Super yay!!

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