Ready to Fly by kristin

Daydreaming about travel and adventure was not enough - I had to take action, and so I booked a flight via British Airways british airwaysto visit my brother and sister-in-law on the Cote d'Azur this October. Funny, when a dream becomes a reality how your psyche is just ready to catch up and it feels like you are already on the road. cote d'azurHaving something wonderful to look forward to makes every day a little brighter. And although traveling isn't as easy as it was a few years ago (with added security and long lines at the airport)'s like turning a page in your life and finding something completely new there. Travel is one of those experiences that can never be taken away. It will always live in your memory, with sights, sounds, and sensations of a different time and place. I'm excited! For inspiration, I'm reading travel writer Pico Iyer's new book The Man Within My Head, based on his psychological and spiritual connection with the writer Graham Greene. Now that my brother and his wife live part of the time in Europe, they get a lot of guests (location, location, location), so I'm glad they've reserved a place for me again this year. My sister Katey is going in September, and I'm sure my sister Kim and her husband will schedule a trip soon, too. They just bought a place in Mexico, and my son lives in Canada, so our family is becoming more international by the day. travel reunionSpeaking of international, our students come from all over the world to Living Light - and they are happy and proud of the decision they made to start a new adventure - this time as a raw food chef.

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