Road Food by mary elizabeth

So - I'm all the way across the country now.   My daughter is safe at music camp and Part One of our journey is done. I can't even really begin to tell you about all the things we've seen and done,  but I can tell you how much I miss the food at Living Lightsalad with pate and crackersTo be perfectly honest with you,  we aren't doing too well with the whole raw travel thing.  I know people do it all the time and buy stuff and bring it with them and prepare it and all that, but that requires a pretty high level of organization.   I mean, it's all I can do to keep ice in our ice chest, which means there isn't any in there today and there wasn't any in there yesterday.  Oh well - we've been doing our best.  We had salads in Gettysburg day before yesterday.  I'd call them "chopped".  And we ate at a buffet yesterday - more salad and a stab at tostadas which wasn't too successful.  I consoled myself with Tres Leches cake and my daughter consoled herself by skipping cake.  Of all the many people, places and things I knew I was going to miss on this trip, I hadn't actually factored raw food high enough on the smoothie

I'll bet there are some of you out there who can't take the kind of food we have at Living Light for granted like I can.  Maybe you can't get a green juicemom's kitchen everyday or even have access to an all organic salad bar.  If you don't, one option is to learn to make delicious raw food yourself, of course, and what better place to do that than Living Light?  We can get you started on your way to a whole new way of eating or a whole new career in raw cuisine.  Maybe you could open a raw food restaurant chain along America's highways.  I wish you would!

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