Swing it by kristin

My friend Ken and I were just talking about how we enjoy the music of the jazz age and into the swing era - a time when things seemed simpler - summertime and the livin' is easy sort of thing. Of course, times always seem simpler when you're not in them. swing eraStill, it's nice to look back with rose colored glasses from time to time and feel the innocence of an earlier age. With the very recent new moon in the sensitive sign of Cancer we have the opportunity to re-anchor our intentions to our higher path right here and right now. Our individual spirits may be longing to plant the seeds and set our intentions in the direction of what we most want to do in the world. hands and bowlIt's gratifying to know that laying the foundation for the future we've been dreaming  of is possible. We see it here at Living Light all the time. Students arrive here, acquire the skills they need to fulfill their dreams, and in a very short time, many of them are living those dreams and sharing with others the possibility of a life only previously imagined. Plant the seeds, pick the flowers (or vegetables) and keep growing. You can swing it!radishes

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