On the Road by mary elizabeth

If I were at work today, I'd be a part of FUN Friday - so named for it being the Friday before FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods.  FUNdamentals is the first class of all the certifications we offer at Living Light so we have students checking in from all over the world to begin their courses.  And that makes FUN Friday actually fun because we finally get to put faces with names.  We finally get to meet the people we've been working with; some for a long time.  We get to see the end of their journey to Living Light and the beginning of their journey as a student.  It's very exciting and so rewarding.  The students' arrival is such a tangible reminder of why we do what we do.

But - I'm not there.  I'm traveling across the country with my daughter.  We're in the southwest right now where it's about a thousand times hotter than Fort Bragg.  We've stopped in Vegas, the Grand Canyon and are now spending a few days with relatives in Corrales, New Mexico.  So far the trip has been exciting, boring, lovely, ugly and very funny.  Our ultimate destination is Massachusetts so there'll be lots more adjectives before we're done.  As I'm writing this I'm actually feeling a little homesick - we won't be back home for another month.  But I'm also feeling excited.  So far we've just been places I've been before.  Once we leave here, it's all new territory.  Just like  the new students coming to Living Light for the first time.  I bet they feel just the way I do.

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