Perspectives by mary elizabeth

We just rearranged the Admin. Office here at Living Light.  It looks less cramped, the space is better used and we cleared out some stuff, too.  It’s a nice change of perspective.  It feels better, and best of all we moved Amanda out front with me!  I’m delighted to have her closer.  I’m actually leaving on a five week, cross country vacation this weekend and oh my stars - am I going to miss her!  Other than that (and the fact that we’re not packed at all….) I’m ready to go.  The longest I’ve been away from Fort Bragg since moving here fifteen years ago was seven days.  I’m really ready to leave home behind for a few weeks so I can change my perspective by adding some new ones.  The first part of this year has been all about changing from the inside.  Now I’m going to try some outside influences.  I’ll be blogging from the road, too, hopefully with some interesting perspectives to share.

If you want to get away from home for a month or so, why not come to Fort Bragg and study with us here at Living Light?  We have an Associate Raw Food Chef and Instructor session beginning September 1st.  You could be a certified chef by the 21st.   Or – stay until the 26th and add a pastry chef certification to that.  What a beautiful way to change your perspective.  Nothing brings things into focus like focusing on a healthy, planet friendly diet.  Try it!  Let’s all change our perspectives this summer!

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