Sultry Summer Days by kristin

Today is a sultry day here on the coast - it's muggy and the air is quiet and still instead of breezy as it usually is here - the kind of weather that makes some people sleepy.  Since we just came out of eclipse season and hopped directly into summer solstice, it looks like we're in for a rather interesting summer. summer solsticeWill we reach critical mass for awakening in time to change our planetary paradigm? Whether you believe in astrology or not, I think most people have been feeling a certain intensity building all over the world. It's important to stay centered and make sure that our intentions are clear. Our students at Living Light have an amazing way of creating lives that make sense in this sometimes confusing world of ours. We are constantly inspired and gratified to see that the work we do here translates through our graduates to good works and right livelihood all over the planet. solstice 2It's one of the things that makes Living Light shine! So, if you are casting about for something to do that truly makes a difference, it might be the right time to consider throwing caution to the wind and letting your true intention guide your life. How does that sound?Live the Life you love We've got beautiful beaches, redwood forests, pure ocean air, and the best teachers of gourmet raw food in the world right here in Fort Bragg, CA. We'd love to help you create the life you've dreamed of for so long.

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