Rawk Star by mary elizabeth

Living Light instructor Gina Hudson is amazing.  She personifies exactly what it is we do here and why we do it.  Her commitment to making healthy living delicious shines through her teaching, her lifestyle and her whole person.  If you come to Living Light as a student you will be treated to her gentle style and vast knowledge of raw cuisine, of course, but you’ll also be treated to time spent in the care of a beautiful person.  At Living Light, we foster an atmosphere of love and light – not just for food, but for you, for ourselves and for the planet.  Gina is a shining example of this atmosphere.  I remember when she was here as a student, over three years ago.  I was still working in the Marketplace and she always had a smile (and an adorable t-shirt) to share.

I have a personal reason for adoring Gina.  She facilitated the cleanse I just did with Amanda and my daughter.  Everything that went into our mouths for twenty eight days was made with love by Gina.  That cleanse was a life changer.  I know I’ve written about it quite a bit recently, but it was such a wonderful experience.  The physical benefits aside, it was a spiritual balancer, a confidence booster and a beauty enhancer – inside and out.  Gina still makes us a juice every day and is supportive, loving and great at helping us keep on track.  Thanks, Gina!  You’re amazing and I, along with the rest of us here, appreciate you so much! Rawk it, sister!

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