Summer Pleasures by kristin

There's been an awful lot of blue sky around here lately - the fog has only rolled in a couple of days so it really feels like summer, the season of leisure for certain people like college professors and kids. When we were little I remember having lots of time to play outside,  read books, and go to the local pool. swimmingLong days of summer seemed to stretch endlessly. It's nice to enjoy the fruits of summer whether you are "on the road" as Cherie and Dan will be in just about a week (on the Raw Food Revolution Tour), or staying home puttering around in the garden. It's definitely a good time to enjoy sweet, ripe fruits fresh off the tree. tree fruitCherries and peaches are two of my favorites, and it's a funny thing because even though their availability is short it seems like its just long enough to enjoy them and then move on - a lesson in being in the now and enjoying the moment. If you'd like to seize the moment and make positive use of some of your leisure time, I recommend coming to Living Light and taking part in some of our great classes this summer - - following your bliss and learning something new that really interests you. Another great use of the long days of summer! You can start with a weekend, a week, or plunge right in to our platinum package- the pinnacle of our programs. Our fresh new follow your blissFUNdamentals students are just arriving, and every group reminds us how important it is to follow your bliss!

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