Bold Magic by kristin

handymanSometimes the funniest things happen when we least expect it. I moved into a new place last September.  One of the tasks I've left undone is replacing the shower head with a water filter version. Yet something has held me back - fear of plumbing? When I finally decided to tackle the "project",  it was as easy as twisting off the old shower head and replacing with the new -  I did the job with my bare hands! Hmmm...just goes to show you that sometimes our slightest fears can hold us back from something we really want to do. Which reminded me of something Cherie mentioned a few days ago. When she gives inspirational talks, she asks people what is holding them back from living their dreams. Many people raise their hands when she mentions time or money.  And then she always says - don't let time or money (and I might add fear) hold you back from what you really want to do. dragonfly timeA favorite quote of mine is "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!" moneyWould you like to live YOUR dream and be among our Living Light graduate success stories? What's holding you back?

3 thoughts on “Bold Magic by kristin

  1. Vita

    The first item on my Pre-Bucket List is to make a Bucket List. Hard to hit a target you can’t see!

  2. kristin suratt (@queenkristina60)

    Thanks Judith and Chantale…it’s nice to know you’re reading and thinking about what we put out there in cyberspace…

    We’ve got to all stick together and help each other make sense of how our lives work for the common good (and our own, of course!)

    Love, Kristin


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