Spring Clean by mary elizabeth

I’m on day twelve of a twenty eight day cleanse.  Last week was just juice.  This week is juice and smoothies.  Sometimes I’m hungry.  Sometimes I’m completely satisfied.  Sometimes I’m pretty cranky, but even girls who’ve just polished off blueberry muffins get cranky.  Sometimes I lose track of why I thought this would be a good idea.  But – it is.  Sometimes it’s good to make a radical change.  As I’ve said before, wishing doesn’t make one healthy and thin.  And bad habits won’t go away by themselves.  Any kind of improvement takes work – usually hard work.  And there’s half of me that knows that and just wants to rebel.  Who likes self discipline and being conscious about stuff?  Fortunately – the other half of me does!  The sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from succeeding at a personal challenge is a wonderful thing.  Nothing feels quite so satisfying.  And I always find that focusing really hard on one area of my life frees up my mind and heart to see some of the others in a new light.  Being all-consumed with this cleanse has given the rest of my life a chance to just fall into place.  Obsessing on juice has allowed me to realize that a lot of what I’ve been all twisted about lately just doesn’t matter that much.  What matters is taking care of myself, loving the people in my life and watching the clock till the next juice time.  This whole experience is a gift.

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