Happy Days by mary elizabeth

Today is my birthday!  My very most favorite holiday, really.  I realize it’s not an actual holiday outside of Maryelizabethland, but I don’t care.  I expect the people who love me to make as big a deal out of it as I do.  They don’t have to make any kind of material fuss, just a fuss of friendliness.  (They can make a material fuss next year when I turn fifty.)  Anyhow, I’ve managed to surround myself with loving, supportive people pretty exclusively at this point, so I am getting my wish – complete with a yummy  potluck right here in the Admin. Office of Living Light!  I’m truly grateful that I have this fabulous job with all these wonderful people.  Thanks!

There’s nothing like being in a group of like-minded people all heading in essentially the same direction.  And that’s what you get when you come to study at Living Light.  Not only are you with people all learning the same thing, but that thing is a planet friendly way of eating that can change the world.  It can certainly change yours and what better way to reinforce that than to spend time with others with the same goal?  Staying at the Living Light Inn is another potential layer to the immersion aspect of learning raw food with us.  Not only are you learning and creating with your fellow students, you’re living with them in a beautiful California Craftsman style building with organic bedding, triple filtered water and other eco-friendly amenities.  The communal kitchen is fully equipped to practice and prepare all the new recipes you’re learning and to try out your own creations.

Traveling to Living Light to learn gourmet raw cuisine is going to impact your life, no matter where you stay or how long you stay.  As you follow your passion, you will find yourself surrounded by like minded people more and more.  If your passion is raw food, let your path lead you to Living Light.  You’ll never be the same.

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