Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

One of my goals is to help students become the best that they can be. I know that each of us can be extraordinary if we just realize our potential and not be afraid to express it.
Many things make you extraordinary already: you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, you have a desire to learn and to live an inspired life, and you want to share your experience of life with others - these core values are things many of us share! When we choose a plant-based diet, we are more connected to the earth and all of its inhabitants, and we become more connected to our spiritual center.

Because of my life experiences, and success in my field, many of you may think I'm special, but I'm no more special than each of you! How many of you are not doing something you once did or want to do, because you don't think you can do it as well as you want to? My advice to you is just do it!

You'll be surprised at how your body, mind, and spirit will rise to the challenge. The important thing to remember is not to compare yourself to others or to how you were in the past.

We are all perfect just the way we are right now - which doesn't mean that we want to stop learning - just that given everything that has led us to this point, where we are now is AMAZING and wonderful AND each of us still has more to learn, create, and do.

Always be sure to remember that you are unique and special - only you have your precious gifts to offer the world!
16 keys to living an extraordinary life!

  1. Start your day with appreciation
  2. Choose healthful habits (food, water, air, relaxation, and positive thoughts)
  3. Enjoy fun activities and exercise
  4. Align and identify yourself with people you admire
  5. Know who YOU are and what you want
  6. Do good deeds
  7. Celebrate your accomplishments
  8. Live with integrity
  9. Express love and appreciation daily (to yourself and others)
  10. Challenge yourself!
  11. Forgive and let go: Forgive everyone for everything that they have ever done to you! After all, we are all co-creators in our own experience and without challenges, we would not be who we are - we would not have learned the valuable lessons we've learned! Each experience is essential to the fabric of our existence.
  12. Accept yourself where you are now. Stop blaming yourself. What is past is past
  13. Start fresh each day and know that you can be all you want to be!
  14. Be mindful, conscious, and present in all of your daily choices
  15. Listen to you body - it speaks to you.
  16. And always: choose fresh, ripe, raw, organic foods with high nutrient density, breathe fresh air, and drink clean water (alkaline)

At Living Light, we teach a standard of excellence that sometimes challenges people, but when they leave, they know that they have the ability to live up to the challenge of being extraordinary! 

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