Happy Spring by mary elizabeth

There’s something so fresh and exciting about the beginning of spring.  I love all the flowers and the lengthening days and the prospect of summer not so far away.  Even the wind isn’t bothering me quite as much as usual.  It’s bothering me, for sure, but I’m trying to look at it as a physical manifestation of a real clearing out of the old, making room for the new.  And you know – I’m not even really sure what it is I’m making room for, or clearing out for that matter.  I just know I’m ready for change.  I’m eager for an energy shift that will help me be more creative and open to abundance. My birthday’s in the spring and I’m ready for a new year full of new opportunities and attitudes.  What are you hoping for this spring?

We have lots of opportunities at Living Light this spring.  We have a full Gourmet Raw Food Chef certification, an Advanced Science of Raw Food Nutrition Educator certification and an Associate Chef plus Pastry Certification, too.  If your goal for the spring is to become a raw food chef, we’ve got you covered.  And if you’d like to start with something smaller, we have our two day essential oil class offered in April.  These classes are wonderful gateways to abundance both on a culinary level and a spiritual one, too.  I think I’m going to take those classes again this time.  I took them a few years ago and felt so open to all the universe had in store for me.  I almost have that feeling again, all on my own, but reinforcement will feel even better.  I’m going to sign up right now – a birthday present for myself.  Happy spring!

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