Keep Growing by kristin

Last night I slept as sound as a baby, which was wonderful, because for a few nights around the full moon I often find that I don't sleep as well - the force of the moon's light just pulls me out of slumber, sometimes for hours at a time. clock handsThis Virgo moon was particularly strong - compounded, I think by the recent solar flares that have taken place during the last few days. These solar flares are supposedly as strong as any since 1859. Even NASA reported that electronics could be affected - what about people? The post I read about this full moon is that it brings to light what wants to be "purified, refined, integrated, and simplified" especially pertaining to the realm of work, health and daily routines. We have the opportunity to make a shift and break free from old patterns. Interestingly, this ties in perfectly with my co-blogger, Mary Elizabeth's recent post about creating the life you want to live, and also dovetails perfectly with what I've been feeling. sprouts grow anewI always need to surrender to the depths of my soul in winter, so that I can emerge in Spring with new hopes, plans, and dreams for the future. Luckily, we work in a place where we see our students create the future of their dreams on a daily basis. Funny, just as I was writing this post, Pandora started playing Ann Savoy and her Sleepless Knights, with the song Melodie au Crepuscule. Some of the other songs on her album are "If Dreams Come True" and "Getting Some Fun Out of Life" -Perfect timing Universe!moonsky

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