Classrooms by mary elizabeth

I know we’re supposed to view all of life’s experiences as lessons and all of the people with whom we come in contact as teachers.  But sometimes I feel like certain lessons are just grand wastes of time and some of my teachers are, at the very least, in need of a review.  However – usually all it takes is a little time before I can appreciate the lessons I’ve learned – even the boring ones.  And to pull an example out of real non-metaphorical life (for once), I get the opportunity to see my sweet kids not appreciating actual school on a daily basis.  It’s a fabulous reminder of being way too close to something to see the benefit.  So – as I navigate all of life’s lessons, I’ll try and remember to be grateful for whatever classroom I find myself in.

We just checked in a new group of students for a Pastry Focused Certification in our culinary classroom upstairs.  In just twenty five days, these people will leave us as Living Light certified chefs.  That’s a pretty short time for so much knowledge and experience.  But – since such a huge percentage of our students come from afar, we don’t want to waste your time.  The training moves along at quite a fast pace and days off are a rarity, but you'll be in a fabulous classroom with the world's best teachers!  And - you’ll leave here fully ready to begin your new chapter as a raw food chef with tons of skill and confidence!

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