Sitting Here in Limbo by kristin

There's something about this time of year - I sometimes feel a bit in limbo. I'm looking forward to Spring, and knowing that the season is almost upon us - only 18 more days until the Vernal Equinox. At the same time, Spring is not QUITE here. The sun actually looks a lot warmer than it is. Still, it's nice to wake up to a little more daylight and brightness, and to sometimes make it home near sunset instead of when its pitch dark. Spring MandalaSo hope springs eternal in the human breast, and we come out of the darkness into the light again every year, like clockwork. For me that means moving from a more contemplative aspect into a more energetic mode of being. More walking outdoors, gardening, traveling, and stopping to smell the flowers. I've had Calla lilies and daffodils on my kitchen table this past week - they're growing in my garden. Energetically, it feels as though I am slowly coming out of the dream of winter and moving into a new and magical realm. Spring is comingThings are heating up here at Living Light, too. Our FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods students are already arriving, and I just met a woman who is here with her cousin - they live in Bermuda, and she has a lovely, lilting accent. Chef Made is back with us for his Advanced Pastry Arts - Unbaked! course. He's from Fivelements Puri Ahimsa in Bali. Some people are arriving for the Associate Chef and Instructor training; others plan to be here through Gourmet, and still others have signed up for our complete Platinum Package - they don't want to miss a thing!step into spring

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