Full Circle by kristin

When Cherie Soria wrote her inspirational (and now classic) book Angel Foods, Healthy Recipes for Healthy Bodies in the early 90s she had to self-publish it, because most publishers were not ready for raw foods! She also made the decision to create a book that had both healthy raw and cooked vegan recipes.Living Light Angel The book has been reprinted many times, and is currently available in German, Spanish, and Japanese. When I studied with Ann Wigmore in 1991, I could not find a raw food recipe book other than a couple of really simple ones by Viktoras Kulvinskas and Ann Wigmore. And now, lining our shelves at Living Light Marketplace, are literally dozens and dozens of books on raw vegan cuisine and lifestyle. A new book, with a dedication to Cheriecherie soria, who mentored and taught all three authors, has appeared on our shelves recently, too.  Popular raw food chefs Victoria Boutenko, Elaina Love, and Chad Sarno have collaborated on Raw and Beyond: How Omega-3 Nutrition is transforming the Raw Food Paradigm. In the book, all three authors discuss their "journeys" with raw foods, and how they have adapted their diets. None of them has remained a strict 100% raw fooder anymore - but each of them continues to incorporate many of the important principles about a plant-based diet that they've learned through the years, adapting and modifying their diets along the way. Living Light has come a long way since Cherie started our school in 1998, and yet things have come full circle like they usually do.Raw & Beyond

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