Slow Ride by mary elizabeth

I just found a flier in the printer about the juice we serve in the Living Light Café.  We are now using juicers that use a slower squeezing process, as opposed to the high speed spinning kind we had before.  This process greatly reduces the speed of oxidation and allows the juice to be stored for up to seventy two hours before degradation begins.  This is good news as it allows one to benefit from all the healthy enzymes even if one can’t drink it right away.  Our juice in the Living Light Café is always fresh, and now it’s also slow so you can choose how quickly you drink it.

I think slowing down is a good idea in everything – not just juice.  I don’t just mean taking time to smell the roses and all that, although that’s a good idea, too.  I mean really taking your time, like slowing your responses to life’s little surprises or starting your day with some reflection and requests for balance and guidance.  I used to rush around a lot more than I do now – mainly trying to keep a couple steps ahead of myself and my own feelings, I guess.  I try and live a more examined, transparent existence now and don’t mind spending time with myself.  And I certainly don’t mind taking a little extra time to keep it that way.

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