Candlemas by mary elizabeth

It's that time of year again: the Feast of Saint Bridghid, Candlemas or, as the pagans call it, Imbolc.  Time to celebrate the Celtic fire goddess - my daughter Bridget's namesake.  The fun thing about naming your daughter after a goddess is you get an extra yearly celebration.  Like most of us when we were fourteen, my daughter hates her name.  She wishes I'd chosen something more Strychnine.  Can't say that ever crossed my mind, but I can say that I chose her name with care and thought someday she'd appreciate being named for such a powerful woman.  And - I'm proud to say my Bridget's already a powerful woman in her own right and living up to her namesake's standard.

Speaking of my daughter, she and the also fourteen year old daughter of IT goddess Teresa are going to take FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods here at Living Light this Saturday.  Isn't that cool?  Both of them are vegetarians and we moms are super excited that they get this opportunity to expand their raw knowledge.  FUNdamentals is a wonderful class.  It's a comprehensive overview of a living diet that will familiarize anyone with the basics.  You also get tons of yummy samples and I guarantee you'll leave feeling excited about a raw vegan lifestyle.  We offer FUNdamentals here at Living Light eight more times this year plus we're taking it on the road all around North America in 2012.  Check out our website for all the details or give me a call.

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