Take a Tumble by kristin

Oddly enough, I started this New Year off (close to my birthday) by taking a tumble - I tripped and fell at a local store, and besides being embarrassed, I was forced to sit still for a few days and take stock of what the New Year means. Part of the gift of having a January birthday is that you are starting your New Year just as the New Year is starting itself.Alice falls down the rabbit hole As it turned out, on my actual birthday (Sunday), I was able to take calls from friends and family without the distraction of having to run off someplace and "have fun." Don't get me wrong - I love to have fun on my birthday, and I appreciate all of the niceties -gifts, cards, flowers, candy, and the like (my friend Lesley here at work made the most adorable little cake - it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland). count your blessingsSo I found the gift in the tumble- to remember to count your blessings and appreciate all the love you have in your life. What could be a better birthday present?

At Living Light, the New Year brings us many gifts, not the least of which is a brand new group of excited, enthusiastic students. Reports from the teachers are that this group of students is the BEST EVER. We are so lucky. They are currently in the Associate Chef and Instructor part of our curriculum, and are doing their demos -remarkable! In just a few short weeks they can go from complete novice to teaching a raw food demo with all the bells and whistles. We're proud, we're happy, and we know that our students make a difference wherever they go. Red Pepper Hummus Bites

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