Enter 2012 by mary elizabeth

Happy New Year!  We’ve landed safely in 2012 and January is shaping up to be an exciting month at Living Light.  This Friday we’ll be checking in students for our very first Instructor Focused Package which consists of our Associate Chef and Instructor certification followed by Jennifer Cornbleet’s Advanced  Raw Culinary Arts Instructor class.  If that’s too much for you right now, were also taking our FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods class on the road this month!  We’re heading down to San Diego on January 28th for all our southern California fans who want to take this class without traveling north.  FUNdamentals is the basic cornerstone class of all we have to offer and is a wonderful day full of information and samples and FUN!

Landing safely in 2012 is no small accomplishment for me and mine. Not only have I semi-successfully moved my work space due to a flood in our dear old admin. office to a temporary spot in the science room, I’ve moved myself and my kids into a new home.  And by “I” in both instances I mean me and some very dear, very helpful people.  Thanks people and thanks universe for supporting me once again in change and challenge.  I’m excited for 2012 and can’t wait to see what’s in store.  My daughter starts high school this year and my son starts middle school and I may be starting graduate school.  Lots of new beginnings – just like the exciting new beginning for our Living Light students.  Bring it, 2012!

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