Over the River by mary elizabeth

My children have successfully past another solar return, so I'm cleared to let the winter holidays begin.  We're all just about to leave for four days of holiday fun with my mom and stepdad.  She lives in suburbia so we get to get our fill of malls and giant movie theaters and big national chain stores.  We'd like to squeeze in some holiday music, too.  And we get to experience the bustling Kristin was missing here in our little hamlet of Fort Bragg.  Even though I don't have much money to spend on gifts this year, I'm looking forward to people watching and arguing with my kids about how much they can spend.  Of course, we'll be having our  holiday dinner and gift exchange a little early, but the kids and I like to spend the Christmas holiday at home .  Ahhh....holidays.

How are you at keeping yourself focused on what's really important this season versus slipping into a commercially driven frenzy of spending?  No matter how careful you are, or broke, it's hard not to get caught up in the "spirit of giving".   But, as long as we all agree it's unavoidable to some extent, why not satisfy the urge to spend at the Living Light Marketplace.  You can come in or order on-line.  We have some great deals right now for all the raw chefs on your list.  Happy shopping and happy, happy holidays.

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