Mercury Retrograde by kristin

The past couple of days my computer has been behaving like it is possessed. Yesterday it was trying to receive literally tens of thousands of emails from as far back as 2006 ..they were trying to come back to visit me, like ghosts of Christmas past. It's true that every time I think I might just slip by the mercury retrograde paradigm, it catches me, like when Jimmy Stewart lassoed the moon. Mercury retrogradeMy email will not be "back up" until tomorrow, so I thought it must be the perfect time to write my weekly blog. We just got three new people in our office, and they all seem quite wonderful (one used to work here, and she's back!) So it feels like we're lining everything up to move forward into the new year. I'm glad that Mercury goes direct again today, and that things should shape up and settle down, just in the nick o' time. We're all looking forward to a new year, with lots of new students - it's going to be extremely busy, so maybe mercury is just helping us slow down and think about what we are doing. A moment of reflection never hurts as one year is ending and a new one is coming up. pensive womanIt's like looking out a new window and seeing all of the possibilities that lie before you. I feel like 2012 is going to be a most remarkable year, and I'm hoping that we all step fully into who we are and share our gifts with each other and the world. It's time, don't you think?Mercury clock

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