Sagittarians by mary elizabeth

Before I get too caught up in the winter holidays, both of my children’s birthdays are this weekend.  I usually try to postpone decorating, etc., until their special days have passed.  I hold off on a tree until after their parties, for example, which totally backfired one year.  Bridget had just turned five and Sean was only two and when we went to get our post birthday tree they were sold out all over town.  This potential tragedy was averted with a quick, if legally questionable, drive into the woods. This year I’ve got my eye on one of those little tiny trees outside Safeway, of which there seems to be an abundance, so I’m not too worried.

We’ll say good-bye to our last group of students next Tuesday – sending them off in plenty of time to share whatever winter holiday they like best with their loved ones.  And hopefully with some great new life skills, ready to begin the New Year all healthy and raw.  I’ll miss them.   It gets awfully quiet around here when there are no students.  Well – maybe not exactly quiet here in the office, but at Living Light in general.  Happy, happy holidays to all of our 2011 graduates - you made this year so special!

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