Finding the Spirit by kristin

I must admit that even though it is the season of our holiday blogs, I've not quite found the spirit in the way I usually do by now. Is it because Mercury is in retrograde, or because we are approaching a lunar eclipse during the Gemini full moon, or, well - what could it be? hoover christmasIs it those crazy expectations raising their heads, like when you were dreaming of a diamond necklace and got a vacuum cleaner? I've never dreamed of a diamond necklace myself, and would probably prefer a vacuum cleaner, especially a Hoover - my mom's brand of choice. Usually by now, I've found a lot of cool little things for friends and family, and I'm in the hustle and bustle of getting it all together, making trips to the post office, and writing card This year, when I go outside, even the store windows don't look as festive as usual. Time will tell. Will the spirit strike me at last? Of course, we all know that consumerism is not necessary to our happiness. What do any of us really want or need, anyway? Still, I long for that feeling of joyful anticipation, and lots of people in the Maybe it's time to start watching those corny holiday movies. What brings the holiday spirit home to your heart?

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  1. maryelizabethslife

    i like this blog, dear kristin. i like the honesty and i especially like the pictures! what brings the holiday spirit home to my heart most reliably is food, of course, and looking at over-the-top lights on houses. we will find our holiday spirit! ho, ho, ho!!
    oh, and p.s., i already told you what i really want.

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