Snow Falling by kristin

holiday wrapIndeed it is December. Although it doesn't snow here in Fort Bragg (or rarely, so locals say), we can make it snow here on our blog, a cozy touch I like. We've already had our holiday party here at Living Light. I'm listening to Christmas songs on Pandora as I write these words, and everywhere I turn are announcements of Christmas concerts, craft fairs, cookie sales, and other delights of the season. I haven't started my Christmas cards yet, or wrapped any presents. But we've wrapped up the school year, and Dan and Cherie are going to be working from Costa Rica for the month of December. I'm glad that they are taking a little time to be in a place they love, and I hope they spend some time enjoying the tropics. I'm spending Christmas right here in Fort Bragg - no traveling (a good thing). So I plan to attend some local events and spend a little time with friends here in town. We're even talking about midnight mass on Christmas eve. Let's see if that comes together. midnight mass parisRight now Frank (Sinatra) is singing "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear." That's it - the reason for the season - peace on earth. Let's hold that thought in our hearts for the next month.jingle on

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  1. cheryl gautier

    Miss you at Christmas...rarely does it snow in New Orleans as well but we have been surprised a few times!! I'm part of a new raw food group of just a few people and we're having a bit of trouble diving in-at least I am. Motherhood and wifehood both seem to get in the way of my ideal healthy lifestyle, even though I do want it for them, too! They are resistant and I am sometimes too tired to fight it! New Orleans is not so eco-friendly but I did go to an eco-cafe on Canal St today. Then Barry and I bought a few plants-hardy greens and herbs and violas, to plant in the front yard and to munch on from time to time. I've started a couple of small trays of wheatgrass and my new grass juicer has arrived in the mail ! I'm ready for this change-body and soul-and I feel it coming...!

  2. livinglightinternational

    Miss you, too, Cheryl....New Orleans is lovely at the holidays most of the time (except for a memorable year when our pipes burst and everyone was huddled by the living room fireplace." I still have photos of when you and Stuart were playing outside in a rare snowstorm, too. I think it is great that you are going to be doing more w/raw foods. I think the key for the rest of the family is to just offer some raw options with a often like to choose their own stuff from a platter of fruits or veg, and can "wrap and roll" into a lettuce leaf or nori sheet. Provide some kind of a dip or dressing, and they are set to go, without too much extra work on your part. Good luck, dolln'! kristin

  3. livinglightinternational

    I so agree...maybe that is my most treasured memory of the trip to France...the voices were so beautiful, and the fire against the night sky. So beautiful. I'll remember it forever. xxx

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