Busy, Busy by mary elizabeth

Happy December!  Wow – can it really be the end of 2011?   I guess so, but it feels sort of soon.  I say that every year, though.  This year I may be feeling this way because there’s been some recent changes in my life and I may be mistaking “wow, that was fast” for nostalgia for what was going on in my life at this time last year, or maybe even feeling like I just let the year go hurtling by and had I paid a little more attention, maybe I wouldn’t be in this situation today.  Oh well – the truth is that here we all are and December is upon us and like it or not it is one whirlwind of a month.  Every weekend is all filled up with no room for changing plans or backing out.  That’s okay – being busy has its upside.

This weekend our last group of Living Light students will be completing the first Science of Raw Food Nutrition Educator certification.  Congratulations to all of them!  And, if they need a study break on Saturday night they can watch Fort Bragg’s annual Lighted Truck Parade.  This small town adventure is a great way to kick off the season, but wear a jacket!  My former roommate, Amanda, and I are going to make a big dinner and let our kids hang out like the old days and then walk downtown to see what the electrically inclined of the town have been up to for the past few months.  Super yay for the holidays!

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