Love The Ones You're With by mary elizabeth

I just returned from my annual three-day trip to the mountains to see my dad for Thanksgiving.  It was me, my kids and my ex-boyfriend.  Just like last year!  Only the boyfriend wasn’t an ex yet, and last year there was tons of snow on the ground and this year there was none.  Everything looked pretty holiday-like anyway with lots of fall colors and wintry decorations.  Anyhow – we all had the opportunity to give thanks for one another and reflect on how lucky we are.  Whether any of us actually did that is questionable, but I certainly tried.  My kids are pretty good at listing off what they want for the holidays which can get annoying, but this year I’m trying to use their litany of wants to remind me to hold my own intentions.  What do I want?  I want to be confident and comfortable in the decisions I’m making for the future.  I want to be present for my kids, with our without presents. (Don’t worry…they’ll get plenty of presents.)  And I want a couple Young Living oils – “forgiveness” and white angelica, just in case any of you were wondering what on earth to get me this year.

Speaking of presents, Wednesday is Living Light’s holiday party and part of the fun includes a white elephant gift exchange.  Traditionally, I move during the holidays and this year is no exception! Moving makes for perfect white elephant hunting, believe me.  Do you think I could get away with bringing my couch this year?  Anyhow - it’s always nice to get together with all my fellow employees and share a part of the holidays with them.  I know Cherie, Dan and Terilynn put a lot of time into planning this event to make sure it’s a special time for all of us, too.  Again – the holidays remind us to be thankful for the people around us – children, co-workers, ex-boyfriends – all of them!

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