Tis the Season (Almost) by kristin

pomegranateYesterday,  fellow blogger Mary Elizabeth, with two kids and her (former) boyfriend in tow, took to the road to visit her Dad for Thanksgiving. Last year they got lots of snow.

Martine Lussier is wisely driving south and taking the night train up to Shasta to meet her boyfriend. Here in Fort Bragg it is raining cats and dogs, and I don't have to drive far to share a Thanksgiving meal, for which I am grateful. That's the only thing about the holidays - it really is kind of over the river and through the woods - only nowadays we listen to the news about gas prices and freeway routes instead of hitching up the old gray mare. over the riverI remember one starry night when I lived up in northern British Columbia (where my son still lives). We hitched up a sleigh to two big Clydesdale horses, and stopped at different neighbors' houses on the way to the lodge for a holiday gathering. Memorable. Really, that's what the holidays do for me - bring back memories of different times, places, and people. I like to listen to Frank Sinatra and songs of the 1940s, because that's what my Mom liked to play during the holidays. And I like to watch old movies for the same reason. Well, I've resisted long enough. I started to get out some decorations this morning, and over the weekend I'll put them up. I think I'll go for the natural look this year:  eco-friendly, and all that jazz. We'll be putting together a list of eco-friendly gift ideas from Living Light Marketplace. Stay tuned.frank sinatra

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