Giving Thanks by mary elizabeth

I was in San Francisco last week and had the opportunity to have dinner at Gracias Madre, the all organic, all vegan Mexican restaurant opened by the Café Gratitude people right smack dab in the middle of the Mission District.  Although it may not have blended perfectly with its surroundings, it certainly seemed comfortable there.  The atmosphere inside was welcoming and warm and the food I ate was yummy.  I sat at the bar, which serves beer and wine, and had a green juice (there’s no place like home…).  It’s all non-gmo with lots of the produce grown at Be Love Farm. The intention is love and gratitude for all our mothers, including mother earth.  If you eat cooked food (and even here at Living Light we serve cooked grain and soup), you should check it out.

Speaking of food, Thursday is Thanksgiving.  The kids and I will be heading up the Sierra’s to my dad’s house in a couple days.  I was just looking at the pictures from last year’s trip.  There was a ridiculous amount of snow – very festive for pictures – but kind of a pain.  We’re not really equipped for, well, weather that requires equipment.  But, I’m feeling extra thankful right now and hope I can hold on to it through this next installment of Holidays 2011, regardless of the weather or any other external factor.  If you want to have happy holidays then you will.  If you want happy holidays served to you on a platter, you may not.  A good way to start is to take a moment to say, “Gracias, Madre”.

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