Are Those Sleigh Bells? by mary elizabeth

Halloween has come and gone making it official – the holidays are upon us!  Besides heralding fun holiday blogs, this means celebrating, honoring traditions, entertaining and connecting.  Thanksgiving is in just two short weeks.  Two!  For me this is an opportunity to connect without a lot of entertaining.  The kids and I always go up to the mountains to see my dad who takes us out to a beautiful Thanksgiving meal.  I’m really looking forward to seeing my dad, and hopefully my brother and his wife as well, and since I don’t have to cook or anything I’m also going to try and create a collage of gratitude (I’m tired of lists) to illustrate those things for which I’m truly grateful this holiday season.  I know it will be fun and hope it will help me focus on what’s really important.  Maybe the kids will want to make one, too!

Our soon to be certified Gourmet Raw Food Chefs are in their last week of advanced culinary classes.  This week is Raw Event Catering and Elegant Entertaining and they are going to be actually doing just that with a catered lunch available to the public.  The menu is Mediterranean and is absolutely delicious!  Locals – you should come.  Who doesn’t love a lunch out and this one is well worth it.  I’m so proud of our students.  I’ll bet they’re ready to connect with their loved ones at home after being here for so long.  And, I’ll bet they’ll be leaving us with all sorts of exciting inspirations for fabulous holidays.

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