Raw Spa by mary elizabeth

Today, our students are in the middle of RawFusion Spa Cuisine in Recipe Development.  In this class, they are using all their skills that were perfected in Associate Chef training to create fabulous raw dishes.  This class, along with last week’s Ethnic Flavors in Recipe Development, gives students the skills and confidence to present themselves as certified chefs, knowing that they can create perfect food without recipes.  But unlike last week, they are working with a no to low fat palette of ingredients.  Here’s what our website says about this class:

During the RawFusion Spa Cuisine class, you will experience the light and luscious fare we serve at our exclusive retreats in exotic locations, such as our Fall 2011 Bali Retreat. We designed RawFusion Gourmet Spa Cuisine to support an active lifestyle. An entire feast is created with a limited number of ingredients using various textures and flavors to produce an unlimited assortment of dishes. High in fruits and greens, RawFusion is the favorite cuisine of the Living Light staff.

By “Living Light staff” the author obviously meant everyone but me, because as you all know, my favorite is Pastry Arts.  And boy am I in luck this month because this is the one time of year we offer both Pastry Arts I and II.  My hero Vinnette’s up there and I cannot wait to see what she inspires her pupils to create this year.  Let the holidays begin!

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