Be Teachable by mary elizabeth

I just found a video posted by Ronnie and Minh from our FUNdamentals class that was held in Las Vegas last week.  Gosh – I wish I could have been there.  An intimate group got to absorb the instruction from some real powerhouses in the raw food world.  What a treat!  And speaking of treats, Amy Bacheller is here at Living Light this weekend teaching her wonderful essential oil classes.  If you haven’t taken them, I can’t recommend them highly enough.  The two day package covers all the uses for essential oils, both culinary and spiritual.  And – Amy’s gentle spirit imparts her vast wisdom in a very accessible way.

There’s nothing like learning from a great teacher.  When I look back at my life as a student, not too many individuals jump off the page.  But some do – real instructors imparting real wisdom.  It’s a gift to be able to pass something on to someone else in an inspiring way.  So many Living Light students are here to become teachers themselves.  It’s very cool.  We teach them to create fabulous raw food and they go out into the world to teach others, which is kind of how Living Light started in the first place. Cherie learned about raw food from Ann Wigmore and then went out into the world with her own gourmet approach to whole living foods.  And here we all are!

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