Aaugh! by hilloah

We had a break-in this weekend and were robbed.  We went to harvest our organic corn and found only half was still there!  We had been hit by raccoons.  Aaugh!  They may be cute little buggers, but not any more!  Our goldfish are safe from them because we provide a four-foot deep pond for them and the ones in the wine barrel have a screen over them.  We didn’t even think about our vegetables being in jeopardy!  Did I say "Aaugh!"?

At Living Light, we will be through with the Associate Chef and Instructor course this week and then will be in the advanced course of Ethnic Flavors.   The students will be learning to make East Indian Zucchini Dahl, Rawvioli with fresh Herb Pesto atop Tomato Concasse,  fresh Corn Tamales and Transcendent Crab Cakes just to name a few recipes.  This is basically a recipe development course, so there will be many more foods explored.  After Ethnic Flavors, comes RawFusion Spa Cuisine:  another recipe development course where students will learn appetizers and savory snacks, the art of dressings, sauces and marinades, and learn the art of plating and garnishing.  Sounds good, huh?

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