FUN in Vegas by mary elizabeth

Next Thursday, Living Light will be presenting its FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods class in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This class is a full day of instruction and such a fabulous introduction to raw culinary arts.  Cherie Soria and Martine Lussier will be instructing, so you'll be getting the best of the best, as far as teachers go.  If you’re curious about raw food and live anywhere near the Las Vegas area I suggest you go.  It can be overwhelming to think about making a big dietary change.  But knowledge is power, and learning a little about living food from the experts can go a long way towards demystifying the whole thing and getting you started.

You know – when I first heard that we were doing a FUNdamentals class in Las Vegas, I thought it might be a weird fit.  Don’t get me wrong – I love Vegas.  None of my experiences there were terribly health promoting though, if you take my meaning.  But, on further inspection, I find there are a couple raw cafes in Las Vegas.  So – at least the attendees will have somewhere to go for juice in the morning.  And as our flyers say, “Have fun in Vegas, but don’t gamble with your health.”

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