Today by mary elizabeth

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Or – the last day of the first part.  Take your pick.  Either way, everyday offers us opportunities to grow and change.  Sometimes those opportunities feel like painful adaptations to circumstances out of our control.  But it’s really all a matter of perception.  And I’ve found that when life feels particularly out of control, it helps to focus on something manageable and positive.  We can make a difference everyday by choosing a cruelty-free diet, for example, or just by letting someone know how happy we are to have them in our life.  Today is also IT Superstar Teresa Ravella’s birthday!! I’m sure happy she’s in my life!

I don’t know much about Texas, but Teresa does.  She’s from there and is my favorite Texan ever.  I know things are bigger there and its flower is the yellow rose.  And, according to a pot holder dear Teresa brought me this summer, it’s the Lone Star State.  Everything else I know about Texas I learned from Terms of Endearment.  I love to learn about new places, even if I can’t go there.  Your  chance to experience the Lone Star State while learning all about raw food is just a few days away!  FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods is Living Light's basic introduction to gourmet raw vegan food and is the prerequisite for all our other classes. We are taking this fantastic class on the road this month and our first stop is Austin, Texas.  It’s not too late to register yet, but almost.  So – do it today!

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