An Adventure by hilloah

This last weekend I harvested the last of the carrots.  Some were juiced (I love carrot and apple juice!) and some will be shredded and put in the freezer to make future carrot muffins.  Every Christmas I enjoy giving to others.  What will it be this year; loaves of carrot apple kuchen, cranberry walnut scones, or pumpkin pie?  One year I made almond biscotti – what fun!

This last weekend we registered the last session of students for the year. Some are here for just a few courses, some for the Associate Chef and Instructor Certification, some for the Gourmet Raw Food Chef Certification, and some for the Nutritional Certifications. Some students enrolled for one day, others for over fifty. We even have one student interested in the Professional Chef Certification which will include a year’s internship after she has taken every course available. People come to Living Light for different reasons. Some want to be teachers, some chefs, some just to learn an alternative way of preparing food, some for their own or a loved one's health. For whatever reason, the journey is always an adventure.

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