Two Famous Ladies by kristin

Cherie and JuditaJudita Wignall posted this photo on Cherie's Facebook page. It's from her visit here for the Living Light Chef Showcase, Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen this past August. It was a very fun event, and all the chefs who participated said they had a great time learning new tricks of the trade from each other.

Judita is a musician, actress, and the inspiration for a character on Guitar Hero, a popular video game. Now, I'm no gamer, but I love to see multi-talented people in action, and all of our chefs from the showcase certainly fill that bill. We want everyone to know that even if you missed the online showcase, you can still watch the entire event on DVD, and replay to your heart's content. Comes with a complete recipe book of all 80+ recipes, and guaranteed to please friends, family, neighbors, and other assorted people you'd like to "turn on" to raw foods. We also have the complete 2010 showcase on DVD, including Chefs Chad Sarno, Nomi Shannon and 10 other super chefs! And if you want to see our real life chefs in Action, don't miss Alicia Ojeda and Martine Lussier in Austin, TX, and Martine and Cherie Soria in Las Vegas coming up this October! Whether you decide to watch the DVD or take FUNdamentals on the road, we're pretty sure you'll want to learn more about Living Light, and that's the truth!

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