Happy October! by mary elizabeth

I can’t believe today is October 1st.  What a surprise!  It seems like I was just looking forward to my kids’ summer break, and now they’ve been back in school for over a month.  Next week is their school’s spirit week, which means extra fun time and daily costumes.  My daughter isn’t quite the fan of spirit week she used to be.  She says her daily costumes will consist of the nose rings she’s not normally allowed to wear.  I’m not sure this is actually going to fly, but she’s almost fourteen and I’m not going to force her to dress like a cowboy if she doesn’t want to.  My son still likes spirit week, thank goodness, because I enjoy helping him with his costumes and am all for anything that allows for some extra fun time during the school day.  Anyhow – I guess I need to accept that summer’s over.  Happy October!

Today we began the last session of the year at Living Light.  Soon the holidays will be upon us and we’ll be sending off another group of raw food chefs into the world to spread the possibilities of a living food diet.  It’s pretty exciting, not to mention globally positive.  Whether these students are just with us for the day or here for the next two and a half months, they will leave with a deeper understanding of the raw food lifestyle.  Congratulations to all of them for making the choice to make a difference.  What a great way to end the year!

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