Graduation Day by mary elizabeth

My thirtieth high school reunion was last weekend.  Thirtieth?  That seems a bit over the top, actually, but – there it is.  Anyhow, I didn’t go and maybe that was a mistake.  I may have mentioned once or twice that I suffer from a pretty sever social anxiety disorder.  Ho hum.  Super boring and nothing I haven’t spent forty-eight years learning to live with, but it certainly doesn’t allow for shenanigans like reunions.  That’s okay.  Shyness comes with some of its own rewards, like having fewer opportunities to wish you’d kept your mouth shut.  Anyhow – I’m hoping to get some eye witness reviews of said reunion and maybe start building up my courage for the fortieth.

We have a new group of Living Light students about ready to graduate from Associate Chef and Instructor Training.  I always feel so proud of them and hope we’re sending them off all excited to take their new raw culinary skills home with them.  That’s where the real test comes – at home.  I’d happily be raw all day every day if I lived upstairs in the culinary studio.  Anyhow - as these students prepare to graduate on Friday, I’m sure they are feeling empowered and inspired.  I’m going to miss them, though.  Maybe they’ll have a reunion some day.

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