The FUNdamentals of October by hilloah

It is getting nippier now and we can't use our  fireplace while we're building the great room.  But the hearth is built, and this week Archie is laying the tile.  When it's ready, the stove will be placed on it and we can have a fire again.  One neat thing he did was make the hearth about two feet high so that one can sit on the hearth next to the stove for a quick warm up.  Until then, extra sweaters and blankets are in order.

Speaking of extra - Living Light has not one but three opportunities to take FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods this October:  October 1st will be here in Fort Bragg, California;  October 15th will be in Austin, Texas;  and the final one will be in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 20th.  FUNdamentals is, indeed, one of the most fun classes we offer because you get to eat all day long.  I kid you not!  Our fabulous instructors spend the day demonstrating how to make all kinds of fabulous raw food and you get to sample all of it.  Also included is a humongous salad bar for lunch.  And then more samples – yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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