On the Road in the Southwest by mary elizabeth

When I was a little girl, we used to take a road trip to New Mexico every summer to see our cousins.  I remember long hours in the back of our VW watching the desert sky go by.  I used to love stopping to eat at restaurants we normally wouldn’t with their kitschy gift shops featuring southwestern jewelry, kuchina dolls and jackalope post cards.  My great aunt and uncle’s big adobe house was so welcoming and familiar with its library full of Wizard of Oz books and a battered old copy of Uncle Wiggly.  I imagine there were grown up books in there, too, but I didn’t notice.  I remember the cottonwoods along the irrigation ditches and summer thunder storms and more sky – so beautiful.

Guess who else is taking a couple road trips to the southwest?  Living Light!  We are taking our FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods class to Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada!  We will be in Austin on October 15th and Las Vegas on October 20th.  A beautiful way to eat, presented in a beautiful part of the country.  So – all you southwesterners who’ve been feeling like Fort Bragg, CA is too far to travel for a raw food class, this is your chance!  Two chances, actually.  And anyone else who may be looking for an excuse to take a road trip to the southwest themselves, what better opportunity than one which includes a positive, healthy learning experience.  I can give you all the details or just go to our website and check it out!

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