Memory Soup by mary elizabeth

Last night my kids and I watched The Parent Trap, circa Lindsay Lohan.  It was fun to all curl up together and watch a movie we haven’t watched in years.  I can remember my mother and me watching the same movie, circa Haley Mills, on similar evenings throughout my childhood.  Sweet memories.  I’m taking those same little sweeties to see The Kills on Friday.  I can’t say I’m coming up with any similar memories with my mom on this one.  But we did go to the theater quite a bit.  Those are sweet memories, too.  We’ll see if this weekend’s rock’n’roll adventure proves to be the stuff memories are made of.   I’ll let you know.

I also wanted to let you know that I just had the most delicious bowl of soup from the Living Light Café.  It was creamy corn chowder.  Yum!  I was so hungry and that soup really hit the spot.  All vegan, of course, and yes – it’s hot.  Here at Living Light we don’t expect anyone to be 100% raw unless they want to be.  As fellow blogger Hilloah likes to say, “We don’t preach, we teach.”  We feature cooked grains and soups in our café along with all the raw goodies.  Anyhow – with the days getting shorter and the temperature dropping at night, a bowl of soup is often just the thing.  Come in and check it out!

4 thoughts on “Memory Soup by mary elizabeth

  1. kristin suratt (@queenkristina60)

    Love your last two blogs Mary E...we're getting back to the personal again while still revealing the best things about Living Light. Hope to join you again soon. Funny thing is I was listening to KZYX tonight for the first time in awhile, and what did they have on Radiogram? A story about the grasshopper and the ant! And you know what? The memories you ARE creating with your children are worth more than stores of gold. They'll last a lifetime and filter down to the next generation. Love you darlin' Kristin

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