Fall by hilloah

It is getting close to being Fall  again. Our bees are slowing down, getting ready to hibernate until spring. Even the dahlias are not putting out as many blossoms as they were a couple of weeks ago. Fall is my favorite time of year: promises of cold and rainy days to come when I can sit in an armchair in front of the fire reading a book, or re-reading a favorite one. I just finished reading The Little Princess again and am promising myself that I will be a better person. Today I started with the first book of Harry Potter. I have seen the movies so many times; I forgot that the books are so very fine.

 We at Living Light are also getting ready for fall – the last full series of our Gourmet Raw Food Chef, our Nutritional classes and the two Pastry Arts courses. We still have room in the certifications, though the rooms at the Living Light Inn are filling up fast.

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